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Some of my projects...

The Magic Of Texture

I believe that the harmonious blend of modern, nostalgic, and retroelements create a unique yet familiar design. Each concept starts on paper and pencil and ends in a digital form. In order to capture the organic feel texture is an incredibly vital piece of my graphics.

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Inspired Design

I am inspired by all forms of art. I believe that as a graphic designer my work shouldn't stop at commercial product marketing, but should come from the experience of artistic knowledge. With years as a musician and writer my mixed-media art bleeds into all forms of my creative process.

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Inner Business Unicorn

Through the mirror of a broken heart

Throwing Magic

Rotten Apple

The Bridge from Nowhere

Digital Art

Frying Saucer

Graphic Design

Graphic design isn't just about creating beautiful & eyecatching imagery. It's about presenting intelligent and comprehensive brand imagery that speaks to consumers in a modern marketplace. 

Much more to come in 2024

Will Feldsher

Will loves being a critical thinker, whether it's data analytics or how to properly express a brand through social-direct marketing... or maybe just spending the day at the beach soaking up the sun, he's always overthinking. With a deep technical understanding of consumer psychology and a passion for helping small businesses, he strives to build within any and all industries. 

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