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If there's one thing we love at qurisma, it's taking our time to smell the flowers, enjoy the wild and crazy world around us. Take a gander at our magazine written by our team as a passion project to share insights, experiences, and shop talk. 


Future Focus

Are we living in the future?  Many of us believe we are. But what does that future look like? 

Join us in this series as we follow updated trends in the tech sector, stories of NFTs, Crypto technology, digital marketing trends, and businesses on the rise in our ever adapting world. Learn about emerging trends and enjoy our take on it all in: Future Focus.

Color Outside The Lines 

Stories of innovators, creatives, and modern day magicians who've challenged the norm by thinking differently. For those who are brave enough to break the mold. 

In this series we will review and study the processes of these amazing individuals who continue to Color Outside the lines.

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