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Your Job Security Versus Artificial Intelligence

Which Jobs Have the Highest Risk of Being Stolen by Artificial Intelligence?

The first thing to know is that most jobs can't be truly replaced by machine automation in the way that we think. For now machines will only improve our lives and create more opportunities for us.

However, if you're concerned about your job, there are resources that can provide transparency on this topic. One specific site that allows individuals to search their occupation and view the statistical possibility of automation replacement is:

For example, according to this site; I have a 4% possibility of being replaced by the T-800.

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Some major trends suggest much more detailed possibilities.

What is the Future of AI?


I think it's important to preface this part of the article with the fact that I grew up watching the Terminator movies. With that being said, I feel a sense of unique irony knowing that the robots that will eventually take over the world and destroy the human race... are also our current protectors.

With cyberattacks at an all time high (significantly more common than actual terror attacks) we face the dark reality that our data safety is at constant risk. So how can AI protect us from cybercrime?

Artificial Intelligence can automatically detect millions of events and identify different types of threats – some examples are malware exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities, identifying risky behavior that might lead to a phishing attack, or the downloading of malicious code.

These Automated-Bodyguards detect threats more than 10 times faster than Kevin Costner.

"Hasta La Vista, Virus!"

Programmatic Advertising

Who would've thought George Orwell's nightmare would involve frugal PPC robots that calculate budget optimization on digital marketing campaigns?

Certainly not myself... but why not?

Programmatic Advertising takes the guesswork out of paid social marketing through algorithmic software that handles the sale and placement of digital ad impressions via ad exchange platforms.

Low-Code and No-Code AI

You have a great app idea, an awesome hard working team of designers, and a market with a super high demand for your product. There's just one problem:

YoU hAvE nO iDeA hOw To CoDe.

Don't worry thanks to your robot friends, not knowing how to code will become a thing of the past. No-code AI systems will give you the power to create programs by joining together modules and structuring them with your own specific data.

Autonomous Vehicles

Yep. Yep. You know this one. I can't lie. I'm not a huge fan of this concept. It seems risky to rely on a machine to react to traffic in realtime and safely protect people from dangerous situations.

However, 1.35 Million people die a year from traffic accidents with 90% of those accidents being due to human error. With the introduction of autonomous aircrafts, autonomous ships, and of course autonomous cars, there's no telling how many people will lose their jobs in the transportation industry.

Although, there is a statistical probability that we will all be much safer in our daily transportation efforts.

Creative AI

Machines can drive? Okay.... Machines can advertise? Cool... Machines can... make art?? WHAT? HOW?

Well a great example is this article's cover. I designed this cover using an AI art generator. ( I started with a specific prompt that lead me to the start of different variant images that I spliced together in photoshop and finally added my own textures and additional design features to get my desired look.

So all-in-all it was the combination of AI and human artistry that created this cover. Which is exactly how I feel the future of AI art should be. In my opinion, AI can never replace a skilled artist but the combination of artist and art-bot gives us the opportunity to create beautiful concepts from beyond the deepest realms of our imaginations.


Thank you so much for reading! Stay tuned for more issues of FUTURE FOCUS! from

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